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How to Create a Successful Commercial Production

Every commercial video production is different; sometimes they can be humorous and light-hearted, other times serious and thought-provoking. It all depends on the commercial’s intent: whether it’s to promote a new company, improve interior design, or educate consumers about gluten.

Commercial productions can also vary in cost and length. Some commercial video productions clock in at a few minutes while others can be up to an hour. It all depends on what the commercial is trying to convey and how they want it to look visually, and, ultimately, where the commercial will be for people to view it.

In any commercial video production, there are a few key components that will make the commercial a success for your company:

Familiarity with Company’s Product or Service

The commercial must be clear in what it is promoting. Being familiar with your product is a key component when commercial video productions are being created. If the commercial isn’t relatable to the company’s audience, then they will have no interest in what you’re trying to promote and it won’t be successful.

Of course, there are rare exceptions to this rule, and it can only be broken by well-known brands. Take for example Apple’s commercial productions. Their commercial productions are not solely about their products, but more of an emotional statement about who they are as a company and what their customers can expect from them. Or, maybe even think about the absolute nonsense that was Mountain Dew’s Puppy Monkey Baby commercial. Disturbing? Yes, very much. But it was- still is- memorable. And that was exactly the point of that commercial.

A successful commercial video production that promotes a product instead of a commercial agency is the one created by Dollar Shave Club. The commercial does it job in letting the audience know that they sell razors and other men’s grooming products. It is well-known for it’s humorous commentary about what’s going on in commercial video production through a comedic lens. But it’s the perfect example of a well-informed commercial.


Clarity of Message/Goal

The commercial must be clear in what it is trying to convey. If a commercial is meant to inform the consumer about the product, it must be clear and concise. There shouldn’t be any confusion as to what exactly it is that you are promoting.

Make sure the commercial video production is well thought-out. The commercial should include all the components that explain to the audience what they are promoting without sounding pushy or sales-driven . If you want to create a commercial video production that informs the audience about your product, make sure it is evident without even having to say it. It shouldn’t sound like an infomercial; instead, it should be similar to the commercial you see on T.V for Tide laundry detergent. They don’t outright talk about what they are trying to sell, but you can tell that they are marketing a product.

Creating commercial video productions based on this concept is all about subtlety. You want to create something so convincing and professional-looking, the commercial doesn’t even sound like a commercial anymore. The commercial should be informative and interesting enough where people would share it without thinking twice .

Get Creative

Creating commercial video productions is not always about advertising a product. Sometimes, commercial video productions are used to enhance the overall atmosphere of an organization or company. Take for example commercial video productions that promote interior design companies .

If commercial video production is meant to inform viewers, there needs to be a creative way in which they convey their message. That is why commercial video productions are unique in their own way, because it uses a creative concept to create something that will separate them from the rest.

This allows commercial video production agencies to experiment with their commercial by utilizing different kinds of styles in order to come up with something that’s engaging and interesting for the audience .

For example, when commercial video productions aren’t meant to sell a product, commercial video production agencies sometimes like to experiment with the commercial by having no dialogue at all.

Think about your favorite or even the most memorable commercials out there. They’re all creative in some way that makes them stand out. It’s possible to be creative and sell your brand or products, so don’t be afraid to try something different!

Hooking Audience with a Short Intro

The commercial production must catch the audience’s attention in a quick moment. This can be done through title cards, intro music, or captions. If there is no hook, then that commercial will not benefit your company and it decreases the commercial’s chance of being successful.

Just like in commercial video production, there have to be some sort of hook or an introduction so that people will sit through the commercial. Once you get their attention, it’s much easier to give them the information they need without even having to say anything. Think of what would make you want to sit through a commercial and use that element in your commercial video production.

Commercial Intent: Branding vs. Selling

One major component to creating commercial video productions is to establish what commercial intent the production has. Commercial intents can be divided into two categories: branding and sales.

Branding commercial video productions will only establish the company’s image without promoting a product or service.  This commercial type will work when the commercial is introducing a new company or establishing an existing one. This commercial type also works when a commercial has a specific purpose to raise awareness.

You’ll see these types of commercials during events like the Super Bowl, when a company doesn’t need to have a specific product to sell you, but to get you to think about their brand.

Think about Budweiser or Anheuser-Busch commercials. Many of them only feature the Budweiser Clydesdales pulling their easily recognizable wagon bearing the company’s name and logo, specifically Super Bowl commercials. These productions are more about the horses and the brand of Anheuser-Busch, which owns Budweiser.

Many branding commercials are created by brands that are already well-established. If you’re a new company, it’s not wise to put out a branding-only commercial that doesn’t talk about your products.

Selling commercial video productions will promote the company’s new or existing products and services, giving evidence of its benefits. This commercial type will work best when advertising something that is new or hasn’t been advertised yet.

Automobile commercials are some of the best examples of commercials that work to sell products. They tell you all about the newest cars and trucks available, showing off all of the possible features and might even tell you about the latest deals happening. Everything in those commercials are meant to get you into the dealership to either lease or purchase a new vehicle.

If you’re just beginning commercial video production for your company, you should focus on creating sales commercial productions. If there is no evidence to support your product’s benefits, then why promote it?

Clarity of commercial intent will determine the commercial video production’s success or failure. It is important to know how to categorize what commercial type your commercial fits into before you begin making commercial video productions.


The commercial’s music should match the commercial’s intent. If the commercial intent is branding, then mellow music should be used to establish a certain mood or feel in commercial production. However, if commercial intent is to sell a product or service, commercial music should be more upbeat style since that type of commercial will feature products and services that already have established benefits.

Call to Action

At the commercial’s close, a call to action or commercial intent should be clearly stated. If commercial intent is sales, then it will benefit your company more if a product or service is being promoted and there is a specific call to action for potential consumers.

In commercial video productions, make sure that all commercial components are in place to ensure commercial success.

By following commercial intent, commercial music, commercial length, and commercial video production components your commercial will be successful. Follow these tips for commercial video productions to ensure that your commercial’s intent is clear and there is a call to action that will benefit your company the most.

Some commercials use popular music to draw people in to pay attention. It’s important to know your demographic when choosing popular music, too.

An example: Kroger has recently been using music that was popular in the 2000’s. Why? Because they want millennials, who are now middle aged, caring for families, and doing the bulk of grocery shopping these days. So, they’re playing music that Millennials would have heard at school dances or on the radio to appeal to their nostalgic side.

Other music choices sometimes have to do directly with the products the company is trying to sell. Chevy used to use Bob Seger’s “Like a Rock” to describe their trucks. It ended up becoming synonymous with the brand because it was so popular.


What makes commercial video production so hard and complex is that commercial intent must be clearly conveyed so the company and its customers know what they are getting. A commercial video production could be successful in one commercial intent and flop in another.

Now that you know the basics to making a successful commericial production, you need to go out there and create!

If you need assistance, and you should very much consider it, hiring a professional video production company like C&I Studios will make your commercial production truly amazing.

We have all of the skills, knowledge, and equipment possible to create commercial productions that are sure to be successful for your company. We’ve worked on many commercial productions thus far and are already ready to create more for any company, big or small, new or well-established.

We’re here when you’re ready to take the plunge and create a masterpiece that will boost your sales. Contact us to get started.

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