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American Apparel Advertising Campaign

This is a project we worked on with American Apparel. We shot the commercial in our Fort Lauderdale studio, and some of the models we used included some of our own staff which made it an enjoyable experience for the team.  Working with American Apparel on this proved to be way more play than work. It’s no wonder they’re the sartorial monolith they are today.
Basil Hayden's Bourbon

Basil Hayden’s Bourbon Whiskey

Basil Hayden is one finest bourbon whiskeys on the market today. Owned by the Jim Beam Brands Company, Basil Hayden prides themselves in everything that is handmade specifically with the finest ingredients available. Keeping that in mind, we approached this spot with a mindset of handcrafted precision and care. We asked our friend Alicia Rose, who bartends at our Next Door location, to mix one of our specialty cocktails: The William Shakespeare. We like to build everything we do from the ground up in order to make sure we apply our high standards to the details of what we do, so collaborating with a brand like Basil Hayden is always a pleasure.

Bayfront Magazine Launch

This thirty second spot was created for the launch of Bayfront Magazine (now called Icon Magazine). The concept is based on the high fashion luxurious mystery of the fashion magazine industry. The spot was shot at our studio in Fort Lauderdale, FL on our RED One camera, and the model is our good friend Roya Zangoui. Working with Bayfront magazine was an honor given what they mean to the fashion industry in South Florida.
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