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The Joy of Coke Advertising Campaign

If we asked you what your earliest memory of drinking a coke was, you’d probably have a pretty good story. Coke.

has been in and around so much of our lives that we had a dream of doing a commercial for them. That dream came true a few years ago when we created this ad. The story is based on a true tale from Josh’s life. It’s meant to inspire you and bring back your childhood. We had a blast creating this one. It lives so near and dear to our hearts that even with the few complications we encountered, no moment was empty of fun. It was raining when we started filming, so it was tough keeping the cameras dry and Corey even got shocked from a light but at the end of the day, working with the kids was really fun. Film-making is always best when it is done as a team, and we were really excited to produce this spot, so the fun came effortlessly. Joy comes from so many different things in life, and we think that the simple joy that comes from cracking open a bottle of Coke is pretty universal. Next time you find yourself with a glass Coke bottle, make yourself a bottle rocket and think of us.

American Apparel Advertising Campaign

This is a project we worked on with American Apparel. We shot the commercial in our Fort Lauderdale studio, and some of the models we used included some of our own staff which made it an enjoyable experience for the team.  Working with American Apparel on this proved to be way more play than work. It’s no wonder they’re the sartorial monolith they are today.

Roya Zangoui Model Profile

Roya Zangoui is a Persian-American Miami native that met Josh while working at Apple down on Lincoln Road years ago. Entranced by her exotic charm, Josh asked her to model for a couple of projects and the synergy built made Roya an instant C&I Studios staple. She is currently based out of New York and is one of our favorite models to collaborate with.

The Restaurant People

Proprietors of Fort Lauderdale's premier dining, hospitality, and entertainment establishments, The Restaurant People have managed to have a heavy hand in bringing life back to the local food and nightlife scenes. The commissioned from us photography of some of their most popular restaurants: Tarpon Bend in Downtown and Boatyard down near the Habour. Tarpon Bend has become a central beacon within the Fort Lauderdale strip, serving as a hub for the night for the city. Treading the line between pub and and serving gourmet food, Tarpon Bend is a bar you wont want to miss when visiting Fort Lauderdale. With the help of The Restaurant People, Boatyard has reinvented itself to be one of the finest dining experiences around town. Embracing the city that surrounds it, Boatyard offers an upscale, oceanfront covered with the laid-back aura South Florida is so known for.

Inessa Chimato Model Profile

Inessa Chimato is one of the first ever model profiles done in our LA Studio. We met Inessa during one of our adventures in Los Angeles and immediately fell in love. She is originally from the Ukraine and with 6 years of modeling experience, Inessa has experience in runway, catalog, print, promo, commercial, and acting. She grew up a dancer, practices yoga regularly, and is fluent in French, Enlish, and Russian/Ukrainian.


GTSY is an incredible social network platform just for soldiers, friends, family, and retirees of the Army. It even has an Army specific marketplace like craigslist. We love that GTSY helps link together this great community. It's the next best thing to being home. We're proud of this project. The shoot spanned 10 days and was done entirely in Florida. Through extensive location scouting and some elbow grease, we made Florida look like Afghanistan. It was challenging, but so rewarding.
Basil Hayden's Bourbon

Basil Hayden’s Bourbon Whiskey

Basil Hayden is one finest bourbon whiskeys on the market today. Owned by the Jim Beam Brands Company, Basil Hayden prides themselves in everything that is handmade specifically with the finest ingredients available. Keeping that in mind, we approached this spot with a mindset of handcrafted precision and care. We asked our friend Alicia Rose, who bartends at our Next Door location, to mix one of our specialty cocktails: The William Shakespeare. We like to build everything we do from the ground up in order to make sure we apply our high standards to the details of what we do, so collaborating with a brand like Basil Hayden is always a pleasure.
Real Food For Real Farmers: The Amish

Real Food from Real Farmers: The Amish

Real food from real farmers was shot for a farm that is all about organic food. It’s a concept shoot meant to show the importance of grass fed meat and food grown by real people instead of processed by mass production. We really love to support local businesses, farms, musicians and more. It’s an important part of keeping life organic.

Bayfront Magazine Launch

This thirty second spot was created for the launch of Bayfront Magazine (now called Icon Magazine). The concept is based on the high fashion luxurious mystery of the fashion magazine industry. The spot was shot at our studio in Fort Lauderdale, FL on our RED One camera, and the model is our good friend Roya Zangoui. Working with Bayfront magazine was an honor given what they mean to the fashion industry in South Florida.
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