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Reva Air Ambulance

There's nothing that gets us more excited than a client who allows us to dream with them. When Reva Air Ambulance approached us, they gave us a couple parameters: they needed a 30 second spot for a conference, and they wanted it to be memorable. Challenge accepted. We dreamed up a few concepts, and presented them. Reva loved the idea of doing a sarcastically dramatic movie trailer, and they loved that they could use so many of their own staff for the spot. We set to work, writing a script, casting talent, and scouting locations. Production went flawlessly. Reva's staff had a blast, we got some unique shots, and once we put it all together, we knew we had something hilariously memorable for them to present. It's an incredible feeling to see an idea become a reality for our clients.

Commercial Medical Escorts

How can you not love anything involving a grandma and a zipline? Commercial Medical Escorts (CME) came to us with a concept that they were dreaming of doing for a 30-45 second spot, but it was a 60-90 second idea. We worked with them to cull their script to communicate their main message, and did a lot of work in post-production to cut together an ad that is funny, yet brief. This one was a bit more involved to produce than a normal 30 second spot, because we had to go through the airport in order to get a permit for that location, and we constructed an airplane interior set in our studio. It was well worth the extra work, because this one got CME a lot of attention at their annual awards show.

Bradford Marine Yacht Sales: Jade Mary

Fort Lauderdale has always been a hub for yachting in South Florida. As such, nautical sports have always been an integral part of the community, and Bradford Marine Yacht Sales has been a staple name within the industry. Today, the Bradford Marine Companies are renowned for their sales, charter services, as well as their full refit and repair services. They Recently approached us about developing a spot for their vessel: the Jade Mary. We wanted to present how sleek, fast, and classy the boat is without losing its quintessence in translation.
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