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Telling Their Story

A Fine Solutions sought to improve their marketing reach, so they hired C&I Studios to create a video that tells their business story. Sam Jacobs, CEO, explains directly to his audience how the company reclaims valuable materials from the shredding industry, by providing unique portable machinery. They offer you and your business an easy and portable way to retrieve downstream materials. With two different types of Mobile Matrix Systems (MMS) available on portable trailers, they have a solution to suit your company’s sustainability needs. Their services can help you save money by reclaiming usable material and recycling it, instead of throwing it out into landfills.


It's in the Details

C&I Studios has created videos that work for many different kinds of companies. From working with companies that sell food and drink products and marketing clothing brands to companies that supply niche services such as A Fine Solutions, we’ve worked on it all. From videos that tell the story of your company to videos that review and highlight specific services or goods, C&I Studios can help you to create original media that fits your business model and improves your marketing reach. We work with you to provide the best in video production.

Video Production Services
Closeup of man holding byproducts in hand
Closeup of man holding byproducts in hand
Headshot of an older worker with goatee wearing a blue hard hat
Closeup of claw equipment working with byproducts
Closeup of claw equipment working with cars
Worker setting up area
Closeup of claw equipment working with byproducts

Impact Your Audience

Adding videos into your marketing plan allows your audience to see your company in a natural habitat, hear your voice(s), and be able to see how your business or product works without having to step foot on the premises.


Your audience can get to know you as a company in an easily accessible way, either getting to know the people behind the company or being introduced to the different goods and/or services your company sells.


You can see how C&I Studios has impacted the world of marketing with our professional video production in our portfolio.

C&I Studios provides anything and everything you need to create the perfect video, from writing a script to supplying talent, even tracking the weather in order to film outside without hiccups, we work to create a high-quality video for your business. We offer end-to-end services, making your experience one of the easiest and most seamless in the business. We provide everything needed for a professional production. From lights, to cameras, to making sure all the action is caught on film and edited into a seamless video, we’ve got you covered! We won’t rest until your production is finished in the highest quality.

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