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All Saints

This project that we put together for AllSaints expands in different dimensions; tapping into different aesthetics, which really makes this project special.


We filmed this project during Art Walk, which live streamed onto our cyc-wall for anyone who attended that night to witness, a fully engaging experience that we all do daily: getting dressed.


As you watch this, your focus is geared towards reflecting what it’s like rummaging through your closet to find the perfect outfit, you as the viewer plays the part of the mirror in the closet, as the two actors; Kathrin and Hugh play the part of anyone who goes through this.


This video was totally fun and interactive. It highlights the casual, cool style of AllSaints, while engaging the audience as a whole.

AllSaints Clothing Brand
AllSaints Clothing Brand
AllSaints Clothing Brand
AllSaints Clothing Brand

Filming for AllSaints during Artwalk

We filmed this video ad for AllSaints in front of a live audience at our monthly artwalk event. We often invite the community to join us in the studio so they can be a part of our work. But we have never done this on such an important project, which meant the pressure was on. As per usual, our team stepped up to the challange, used the presence of the live audience as fuel, and executed a stellar production.


As if filming a commercial like this in front of a live audience wasn’t enough, we also built the stage just for the event. Our studio is a blank slate, so we can transform a corner of the room into, say, an AllSaints outlet. This still takes quite a bit of work! It was a little nerve-wracking putting the finishing touches up in front of an eager audience, while also preparing lighting and setting up the cameras, but we made it work and everyone who attended got to see how real movie magic is born.

AllSaints Clothing brand

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