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A Powerhouse Story for Anker

Anker Power tapped into our expertise for their latest commercial shoot in California, aiming to capture the essence of family camping adventures powered by their innovative Anker Powerhouse product. Entrusting us with this crucial project, Anker recognized our unparalleled ability to bring their vision to life in a visually compelling and authentic manner. With our proven track record in producing captivating outdoor-themed content and our knack for showcasing products in real-life scenarios, we were the natural choice for this endeavor. Our team’s deep understanding of both the brand’s objectives and the intricacies of outdoor settings ensured a seamless production process and an end result that resonated deeply with audiences.

Family in a van
Man with family
Man and boy looking up with boy holding binoculars

Crafting the Concept

We conceptualized every aspect of production for the entire commercial from scratch, from storyboarding to talent sourcing to location scouting and prop acquisition. Our team’s creativity and resourcefulness were put to the test, particularly in the face of the remote location challenges. Leveraging the Anker Powerhouse product in the shoot not only aligned with the brand’s objectives but also provided a firsthand demonstration of its capabilities. Through meticulous planning and execution, we demonstrated our ability to deliver captivating and authentic commercial content tailored to the needs of large brands like Anker Power.


Anker Storyboard Van going down road


Anker Storyboard Family in van
Anker Storyboard Family walking on path
Anker Storyboard Family by RV
Anker Storyboard Man in canoe
Anker Storyboard Family on canoes
Anker Storyboard Family looking off into the distance
Anker Storyboard Man using laptop as woman looks on
Anker Storyboard Boy listening to radio
Anker Storyboard Mountains
Anker Storyboard Van and RVs
Anker Storyboard Woman making food
Anker Storyboard Family walking
Anker Storyboard Man fixing tire on van
Anker Storyboard Family in woods
Anker Storyboard Kids listening to radio in car
Anker Storyboard Man and woman in canoes
Anker Storyboard Truck and RV

Peak Production Mastery

The culmination of our collaborative efforts with Anker Power resulted in a commercial that epitomizes the essence of the brand in a polished, professional manner. With meticulous attention to detail and a keen understanding of Anker Power’s values and messaging, we crafted a visually stunning and compelling narrative that resonates with audiences. The commercial seamlessly integrates the Anker Powerhouse product into the storyline, showcasing its features and benefits in an authentic and engaging manner. Its high production quality and attention-grabbing content ensure that it would seamlessly blend into the lineup of commercials on national networks, further solidifying Anker Power’s presence and reputation in the market.

Person holding camera
Family camping
Man at sunset
Man and boy
Closeup of Anker power device
Man and woman with laptops with camera between them
Van at sunset
Van going down a road with man sitting on the berm
Overhead view of van and RV travelling down road
Side profile of pickup
Family on the water
Man looking into the distance
White Anker logo 200x130
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