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Aqua Hair Extensions

At C&I Studios, we were tasked to shed the right light on the brand, Aqua Hair Extensions, and to capture the community it created in the fashion and beauty niche. For a brand like Aqua, which already has a steady following, we knew that the challenge would not be to break the market but to create a better understanding of how it is a lifestyle for those that use it. That reason was not lost on us when we began planning the project. The job could have been given to anyone but they came to us because they trusted our sound judgement. We came to a conclusion that we would create a series of videos that showed Aqua educators how to put their training into practice.


We shot over three days to get the job done and used two different cameras on different session days, our RED Scarlet and Monstro one day and the Raven and Dragon on the other. We developed the studio into an interview setting so that we could have renowned hair stylists who use the products tell us how they improved their business with it.

“There is one thing the photo must contain – the humanity of the moment.”

We needed to project the unique image and style the brand is known for, their idea of beauty, and how they appeal to consumers from various walks of life. It was also important to highlight all the unique hairstyles, textures & colors to justify just how much more than a trend Aqua Hair extensions are. So we also had a product shoot where we captured all the products in Aqua’s inventory.


Aqua Hair Extensions are known by the fashion-savvy for their 100% high-quality human hair extensions and accessories.


The Gear We Used




Our method was to capture various content related to the attendee’s reactions to everything. This allowed us to let viewers get a deeper perspective on Aqua Extensions classes which are engaging and fun.


The challenge was shooting in a very standard hotel conference room with little room to maneuver, so we needed to get shots that did not focus on the location as much but directly on the subject and what they were doing.

Two women wearing hats working on a wig on a female dummy
Side view of woman with long blond hair working on a female dummy model with a wig
View from behind closeup of female dummy model with wig being worked on by two women
Side view of tattooed woman with long blond hair smiling and posing with a female dummy model with a wig
View from behind closeup of female dummy model with wig being worked on by a woman
Closeup of female dummy model with wig being worked on
Woman with long blond hair talking
Woman with long brown hair wearing a black and white dress shirt and earrings posing for the camera
Black and white still of a group of thirteen women posing for the camera with lighting equipment shining on them

We also made sure to include the core that the company reaffirms to all it’s consumers.


The core mandates of the company are:

  • To continually provide high-quality items.
  • To deliver dependable and outstanding customer service.
  • Constantly researching and developing new and fascinating items.
  • To deliver advanced beauty instruction to professionals.

At the end of the sessions, we had created a masterpiece for Aqua, who trusted us from onset. Best of all, we had fun.

Side profile of woman with long brown hair wearing a black hat giving a lecture
Six women with long hair posing with brown bags with Aqua logos on them
Side profile of group of four women with long hair listening to a lecture
Side profile of woman with long brown hair wearing a jean jacket listening to a lecture
Closeup of black towel with white logo
Group of three older women listening to a speaker with one wearing tattoos and another taking notes

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