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The Project

OrganizeMe, a subdivision of Audy Global Enterprises, are a wholesale business that offers space-saving storage solutions for the home. What they needed from us was to devise a way to communicate accurately the elegant, stylish, and practical uses of their storage ottoman piece. They wanted us to highlight that, in the overcrowded ottoman market, theirs was the sturdiest, most stylish, and above all most efficient option available. We were eager and ready to oblige; all we needed was a concept. After acquainting ourselves with the product, our creative team, in collaboration with our client, began to brainstorm ideas. We created storyboards and conducted thorough research on the many uses of the product. We hired the talent, and picked out a location which we though worked best. And when we were happy with the overall concept, and had the go-ahead from the client, we primed the cameras and got to work doing what we do best: shooting.

Delivering a Physical Product

Audy Global are a multidisciplinary patent firm. They harness creative ideation to find solutions for their clients by converting thought into a physical product.

With over 20 years of experience in video production, we are well versed in the act of converting ideas into physical products—in this case, a series of high-quality videos produced for the purpose of marketing a product to a wide consumer base.

With a motive of showcasing the ottoman’s stylistic attributes alongside it’s multipurpose functionality, we decided to position the product in the center of an open-plan living space, so that our model could interact with the object with ease. This contemporary concept allowed for a multitude of shots, during which we were able to capture and hone-in upon the modern versatility of the product itself. And with meticulous lighting, and the physically demonstrative art of videography, we were able to shoot in such a way that would not only capture but correlate the versatility of the product to the models’ modern lifestyle. Whether it was the model relaxing back on the couch to rest her feet upon the ottoman, or slipping items in and out of the storage box underneath, we caught it all; the size and dimensions of the ottoman in relation to the surrounding space; the fabric, the function—down to the last detail. This crystal clear imagery caught with the lenses of our state-of-the-art camera systems.

Audy Global Enterprise Ottoman Laptop Feature Fort Lauderdale Florida C&I Studios Side Profile Of Woman Wearing Blue Top And Jeans Sitting On The Floor Going Through A Box

Social Media Reach

Our objective was to produce a series of two high-quality videos that showcased the product and its efficiency-led purpose clearly. But true to our culture of fastidious hard work, we took it even further. C&I Studios’s RED camera systems are top-of-the-range and have the capacity to shoot cinematic motion-picture film. Which means that one single freeze-frame possesses the quality of an 8k sill photography shot. During the editing phase, we took it upon ourselves to lift snippets of additional imagery and repurpose them for Audy’s website, their social media channels, and other broadcasting needs. In the end, the client was thrilled; thanks to our us, they were able to highlight the value of their product on multiple marketing platforms. With plenty of content to choose from, they could to spread the word; enhancing their reach by marketing their product to a much broader client base.


Stills in Motion

Our equipment eliminated the need for double work, putting two services in one; we were able to capture stills in motion. This streamlined the entire production process and the stills we took from this shoot displayed exactly what the product was for: a multipurpose storage solution that will make your life simpler.

Side profile of woman playing checkers on a box
Woman sitting on a couch reading a book
Woman putting a smaller box into a larger one while sitting on a couch
Woman wearing jeans reaching into a box while sitting on a couch
Side profile of woman using box
Woman setting up checkers board on a box
Closeup of side pocket containing magazines on the box with woman wearing jeans sitting next to it
Woman wearing jeans holding a box while sitting on a couch
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