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When MLB star Cliff Floyd wanted to market his innovative safety gear for baseball players, he came to us for the whole kitchen sink–everything from branding to product photography to web design. As a MLB player for the Florida Marlins, Cliff saw the dangers of head injuries for players, from pitchers fielding comebackers to youth batters with slower reaction times compared to professionals.


He created an innovative product that fits under a standard baseball cap, but he needed help with the visual presentation and a plan to market the product online and in his networks. We provided brand development, product photography and a web design to help launch the Ball Cap Liner.


The first task was to develop a logo that represents the brand. We listened to the design vision of Cliff and his team, and then developed a logo that was modern, incorporated some personal significance for Cliff, and had appeal in the athletic industry.

ball cap liner brand guidelines 2

Product Photography

We then created product photography that highlighted the features of the protective liner, as well as lifestyle shots to show how people could incorporate them into their uniforms. As for product photography, we shot multiple angles of the Ball Cap Liner in different lighting scenarios to make sure that it was showcased in a professional manner for use on web and social media. With the right combination of photography, web design and branding, we were able to create a comprehensive marketing package that allowed Ball Cap Liner to take off.

Web Design

In addition to visuals, we provided Cliff with an engaging website design that showcased his product in a visually appealing way. The website was designed to be user-friendly, allowing customers to find the information easily and quickly purchase merchandise as individuals or in bulk.


Overall, it was an honor working with Cliff Floyd and helping to bring his vision of Ball Cap Liner to life through strategic visual content.

Ball Cap Liner web

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