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Bart McCarthy - Q
Guy Color Grade

Bart McCarthy - Q - Guy Color Grade

Our ability to deliver beyond what’s expected is what sets us apart from the rest. And for this particularly unique project, the task was straightforward – it was a color grade only project, and we had a tight deadline to meet up with. For a special festival film Starring Bart McCarthy in Q-Guy made by Tess McCarthy.


To provide the most precise picture profiles possible, we work with a wide variety of leading top-tier cameras. The profiles are then used to match your chosen film stocks, resulting in a spectacular and accurate picture. This client was submitting his video to a festival, and we had a limited time to get it done as mentioned earlier. Meaning we had to knock this one out of the park, which we did.


First off, we edited the video in Davinci Resolve to ensure we get the possible best outcome. Despite the fact that there are a myriad of video apps with ever-increasing capabilities that can help to create a video, nothing compares to the quality and creative freedom that professional-grade editing software can provide. And we made sure we went all out and beyond in not just meeting the client’s demands but exceeding them. Our commitment and the tools we made use of, made the production a whole lot better.

Headshot of Bart McCarthy talking
Headshot of Bart McCarthy talking
Side profile headshot of Bart McCarthy looking down
Side profile headshot of Bart McCarthy looking on
View from behind of Bart McCarthy looking at laptop
Man in a storage room looking out of window
Side profile of rancher kneeling with a mallet and stake
View from behind of man walking through a ranch property
Side profile headshot of Bart McCarthy looking at laptop
Side profile headshot of Bart McCarthy looking down talking on a cell phone

The finishing touches on a video project are video editing and motion graphics. Whether it has basic or complex requirements. This is why the wide range of video editing services we provide are all performed with the highest-quality professional computer software and video hardware. Our goal as experts is to make the whole video creation and editing process seamless for you, and that’s exactly what we achieved with this color grade only request.


Andres pulled before color stills and after as well so we can show the progression and process of color. After adequate editing using Davinci Resolve, we used film convert to color it, and created a masterpiece! Each assignment is an opportunity for our award-winning team to create a video that exceeds your expectations, and this was one project we didn’t shy away from.

US flag on display
Closeup of Texas license plate on display
Picture of Virgin Mary on display in a frame
Closeup of red and white sowing machine
Closeup of small table with drawers sitting on a purple tote in a storage room with other totes and boxes
Closeup view of workbench lights
Closeup of Milwaukee drill being used
View of makeshift trailer in front of garage
Garage with makeshift trailer and parts around it
Closeup of a yard with junk in it
Closeup view of a ranch property
View of ranch and desert with mountains in the background
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