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World Class Talent

We have worked with Beatriz several times throughout the last few years here at C&I. From the first shoot that we collaborated on, it was very clear that Beatriz was made for this career. She maintains such natural energy, follows direction well, and embraces every opportunity to positively engage with the people she works with.


A Miss Brazil USA 2018 runner-up, Beatriz really brings out the best from our team. This particular shoot was challenging, as we wanted to capture Beatriz and all of her visual potential perfectly. We decided to compliment and emphasize her look by shooting her on a bike. We then took this one step further, and added dramatic and colorful lighting. All of these factors came together to form some fantastic final images. Beatriz was a real pro, and our team was able to capture her powerful presence, while also flattering her graceful beauty.

View from front of Beatriz Corbet on motorcycle
Beatriz Corbet posing for the camera with her arms in the air wearing a motorcycle helmet
Side profile of Beatriz Corbet on Triumph motorcycle
Beatriz Corbet headshot
Beatriz Corbet with side profile of her in bluish light posing for the camera wearing a helmet
View from behind of her on motorcycle
Beatriz Corbet with her posing for the camera holding a motorcycle helmet
View from the front of her on a motorcycle wearing a helmet
View from behind of her wearing a helmet looking off to the side
Side profile of her on a motorcycle wearing a helmet
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