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Beauty is in the Soul
Exquisite in Every Detail

We know that beauty changes from brand to brand and it’s important to capture every detail in every shot, all the way down to the texture of a label. A 3D animated product render is a perfect technique to show off your product in a simple, realistic-yet-fantastical way. Our in-house animators use 3D rendering programs, like Cinema 4D, to highlight key details of a product that a traditional photograph can’t capture.


What keeps us fresh is working with a wide variety of beauty brands. This allows us to capture different aspects of beauty and create an accurate and diverse representation of it. We also have a team of experts who help us in this process, including hair and makeup artists, photographers, and stylists.

C&I uses both traditional and contemporary approaches to capturing beauty. However, we believe there’s only one true way of doing so – with a diverse set of viewpoints that represent everything that encompasses beauty. By having a diverse team, we can find the best way to capture beauty for each individual brand.

KISS Colors And Care April 24
Beauty is Simplicity

It’s simple there’s beauty in everything. C&I Studios uses traditional techniques to pull the beauty out of every shot and enhances that beauty in post-production with contemporary techniques like 3D rendering and HDR editing. The simplest edit can have the biggest visual impact. We are professionals in highlighting the right features on your products to grab the attention of your existing customers and draw the attention of new audiences to explore your brand.

KISS Colors and Care May Models CIS 279
KISS USA April 19
KISS USA April 20a
KISS Colors and Care May Models CIS 235
Beauty in Perfection

We use a variety of techniques to photograph beauty products, including stills, 360-degree shots, and videos. We also use a variety of lights and backdrops to create the perfect look for each product. Our team also works with brands to create custom photography that meets their specific needs.

Joah Shadow Palette Eyeliner
KISS JOAH Multitask Brush Air light powder case Airline lipstick Palette retouch
KISS JOAH Multitask Brush Air light powder case Airline lipstick Flatlay
KISS JOAH Air light powder case Airline lipstick Cherry Blossom
The Flawless Finish

Culling through hundreds (even 1,000+ photos) to find the very best is part one of the post-production process. Part two: artfully arranging and retouching each photo to ensure that it’s absolutely its very best version.

KISS Colors Care Stills Beauty page 1
Kiss Colors Care Black Model INT1 5
KISS Colors Care Stills Beauty page 2
KISS Colors Care Stills Beauty page
Closeup of a model with curly black hair, dark blue nail polish, pink lipstick and a padlock chain necklace posing for the camera looking off into the distance.
Colors and Care 4 Glide Define • Pink Detangling Brush • Purple Detangling Brush • Red
Joah Shadow Palette Eyeliner on blocks
Falscara Lashes Applicator Remover and Bond Seal
Joah Eyeliner 1x1 1
KISS Falscara April 19
KISS Falscara Bambi wisps Bond Seal April
Theorie black detoxifying shampoo and white conditioner dispensers on a black table in front of a gray art form.
Marula Oil based shampoo and conditioner containers
Green tea shampoo and conditioner containers
Containers of Theorie hair serum with dispensers.

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