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The Story Behind the Brand Beltempo

Beltempo approached C&I Studios with a goal: to create an informative and enticing video that would bolster the image of their brand. This video was to be captivating, illuminating, and above all, act as an effective campaign tool to help increase customer engagement.

Something we at C&I Studios pride ourselves on is our attention to detail; our ability to harness those little quirks and aspects about a brand that make it unique—and run with it. So we were no strangers to the challenges posed by this project. In fact, helping our clients tell the story behind their brands is something of a labor of love for our entire creative team.

First, we wasted no time in getting to know the client, familiarizing ourselves with their products, and learning more about their vibe and their mission. It was this acquired knowledge that would form the jumping pad, the place where we could begin our creative process.

Closeup of armrest of a beach chair
Side profile of man wearing a cap, sunglasses, red sweater and blue jacket standing on a beach
Closeup of hand brushing field grass
Closeup of a wooden table with chairs around it

The Man In Charge

A manufacturer of luxury outdoor furniture, Beltempo is and has always been active in producing eco-friendly products whose quality is intended to “elevate” and “lift you to another stage, to another level,” through design and art. What we needed to do was to hear this story told by the man in charge. That man was Marco Sangiori, lead designer and Principal CEO of Beltempo.

Man wearing white cap and light blue shirt setting up table and chairs on a pier with a boat in the background on the water
Side profile closeup of patio chair
View from behind of man wearing a cap and camouflage jacket standing on a balcony looking out over the water
Closeup of arm from beach chair

Location Scouting

The shoot for this project took place in Fort Lauderdale, our very own backyard. Home to C&I Studios Head Quarters, this landscape is one familiar to our team.

We arranged to shoot Marco Sangiori, a designer from Rome with more than 40 years of experience in the industry, in several different locations. This an effort on our part to maintain the viewers’ engagement; the last thing we wanted was for the video to feel static.

We staged several interviews with Sangiori: a face-to-camera scenario by a pool involving light-reflecting sheets and audio-capture equipment; a walking shot on a jetty to showcase our subject interacting with some of his designs; and a pensive moment of stillness on a beach, for contrast.

These locations we picked were not incidental. They were scouted by us with specific intent.

We had been interested to learn that each work of the Beltempo collection had been designed by an artist concerned about ecological problems, preservation, and a love for the sea. So we set a precedent: the locations must hold relevancy to the brand itself.

The beach. The poolside. The yachts and sun and ocean. These were, inevitably, the homes of the pieces Sangiori designs. And we knew they would correlate nicely with his vision and his designs.

Aerial view of coast with city in the background
Side profile of woman wearing a black cap and gray sweatshirt talking on a dark orange cell phone

Behind The Scenes Images

These images might look like the work of a skilled photographer, but in actual fact, they are stills lifted from footage caught on our 8k RED camera systems. Capturing the detail was the focus for us in this project; the hand-crafted teak wood (“Tectona Grandis”), the geometry, the quality of design. It was our mission to highlight what made this brand special. And these stills do just that.

View from behind of staff filming a man sitting on a chair by the water

A Balance Of Geometry

Beach Bed With Cushion And Shades On Display

Beauty is the Balance of Geometry.” —Marco Sangiori, Designer, CEO Beltempo.

We really wanted to highlight the intricate details and painstaking workmanship present in Beltempo’s furniture. We took advantage of the soaring skyscrapers of Fort Lauderdale, the modern constructs and silhouettes, and used them to juxtapose Sangiori’s words.

The video flashes back and forth between the stack-lined buildings of Fort Lauderdale, and the geometric patterns of the benchtops, daybeds, dining chairs, and other handmade pieces we worked with, all while Sangiori describes his aesthetic, and depicts his vision of beauty.

We harnessed drone technology to capture soar-over footage, footage of glistening pools and luxury hotels, in an effort to inject in the video not only a sense of depth and grandeur but a paradisiacal tone as well. Something that would appeal to anyone, not just Beltempo’s customers.

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