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Bleu de Chanel

Bleu de Chanel’s brand is luxurious and sophisticated, so we wanted to create a promotional video that exuded the same aesthetic. This video is simple, clean, and sophisticated.


This promotion is a fully 3D internal project that we created in our own studio, no need for the product to be photographed. It shows off the product in a simple, realistic-yet-fantastical representation. It’s a promotion we are incredibly proud of, and one that Chanel can be proud to promote.

Realistic and Regal 3D Rendering

For this promotion, we created the bottles from scratch in our 3D rendering program, Cinema 4D. We wanted the bottles to look realistic and regal to match Chanel’s aesthetic, and this program allows us to create exactly that. In Cinema 4D we were able to add in the correct textures such as the smooth gleams of light coming from the glass bottles, and really show off the materials that the real bottles are made of. These 3D models look exactly as their real-life counterparts!


We animated more than just the bottles. You’ll see the bottle of Bleu de Chanel sitting atop a rippling liquid floor at the end of this promotion, a representation of how refreshing this scent will make you feel. This animation adds a sense of fantasy without going over the top, keeping it on-brand for Chanel.


The sounds of this video were created by our studio as well. Videos with original music really stand out against other promotions.


For the final touch, we added in the signature whisper at the end of the promo. We were able to take a voice from our studio and edit it to sound exactly as the voice in every other Chanel promo does. It’s the touches like this one that really make this video one that Chanel can be proud to display, share, and promote.


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