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Chad Van Horn
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Sabela Artist Profile

Sabela is a model and singer/songwriter.

From the very first time we worked with Sabela, we knew she had an affinity for the spotlight. Her mannerisms are effortelss when placed in front of the camera. And her personality is nothing less than captivating. Everything we’ve produced with her is supercharged with charisma and glamour. She possesses this rare sense of authenticity and mysticism that makes you want to get to know her on a deeper level.

Sabela's Model Reel

In addition to being a stellar performer, Sabela is a beautiful and talented model. She’s relaxed on camera, which is intoxicating to the viewer. For her model reel, we invited her to the studio to film a short, seductive video to a musical soundtrack. It was all on a whim. We asked her to bring a beautiful outfit, handed her a cigar and watched the magic come to life.


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