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The Joy of Coca-Cola

Think back to your earliest memory of drinking a Coca-Cola…


Coca-Cola has long been a memorable part of American life and of childhood ever since that first sizzle and “Ahhhhh.” We always dreamed of doing a commercial for Coca-Cola and that dream came true a few years ago when we created this ad.


The story is based on a true tale from Josh’s life. It’s meant to inspire the viewer and bring them back to their childhood.


We had a blast creating this ad. It lives so near and dear to our hearts that even with the few complications we encountered, no moment was empty of fun. It was raining when we started filming, so it was tough keeping the cameras dry but at the end of the day, working with the kids was really fun. Filmmaking is always best when it is done as a team, and we were really excited to produce this spot, so the fun came effortlessly.


Happiness originates from so many different instances in life. We think the joy that comes from cracking open a bottle of Coca-Cola is a universal sensation. So, next time you find yourself with a glass Coca-Cola bottle, light up a bottle rocket and think of us.

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