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Commercial Medical Escorts

How can you not love anything involving a grandma and a zipline?


Commercial Medical Escorts (CME) came to us with a concept that they were dreaming of doing for a 30-45 second spot. But it was a 60-90 second idea. We worked with them to shorten their script in a way that still communicates their message. It required a lot of post-production work to keep the add shorts and still highlight the comical elements that Commercial Medical Escorts wanted most.


This one was a bit more involved to produce than a normal 30 second spot, because we had to go through the airport in order to get a permit for that location, and we constructed an airplane interior set in our studio. It was well worth the extra work, because this one got CME a lot of attention at their annual awards show.

Woman wearing climbing gear grimacing hanging on the side of a tree
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