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White Denison Yachting logo
View from above of yachts on a lake

Denison Yachting

Denison Yachting is an established and prominent brand in the international maritime arena. The Denison family got their start acquiring, remodeling, and selling luxury yachts in 1948. Over the decades their brand has grown immensely. Their mission and vision are more expansive than ever before. They are tapping into new markets, expanding their sales team, and dominating marinas on both the east and west coasts of the United States.


Though their legacy is deeply rooted in the industry, newly emerging consumers may not realize their prestige. To safeguard their brand’s image and keep pace with an ever-changing market, they chose to produce new, high-quality content. In today’s marketing landscape, content rules at the top of the food chain. And at its peak is storytelling.


The leadership team at Denison Yachting came to us to create a lifestyle branding video that portrayed their core values – a video that would demonstrate their love for boating and the sensation of being out on the open seas.


This is their story.

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