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Dri Tie

The Innovative Headscarf

Dri Tie sought out C&I Studios to create a marketing campaign that expressed their mission of creating comfortable, stylish, and functional headscarves that keep hair dry when spending any amount of time in the water. We made this happen by filming a group of women of all ages enjoying a nice day at the beach. By shooting the ladies in a setting that typically requires being in water at any given time, we were able to communicate to their customers that the Dri Tie functions to keep their hair dry and is also a stylish fashion accessory.

Side profile of woman wearing blue hair towel in the shower with eyes closed and water falling on her
Three women with two children in the pool
Woman wearing a black and blue bathing suit and head wearing sitting by the pool's edge with two small children
African American woman wearing a white bathing suit and blue head covering as well as pink sunglasses sitting in the sand looking off to the side
African American woman wearing a white bathing suit and blue head covering sitting in the sand smiling by the water
Woman wearing back outfit and blue head covering walking along the beach carrying a blue and white towel smiling looking off to the side
Woman wearing a teal blue bikini and head covering wading through the water on the beach smiling
Woman wearing peacock patterned dress and another woman wearing a black and white striped top and white shorts with both wearing head coverings walking along a beach
Two women with one African American wearing black and blue life vests and head covering cruising along on a jet ski smiling
Woman wearing a peacock patterned outfit holding a glass of wine laughing
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