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Digital Realism

Discover the world of professional-grade 3D product creation at C&I Studios. More and more brands are using the power of 3D to revolutionize their visual storytelling, engaging audiences with lifelike creations that leave a lasting impression.  Our expertise in 3D product helps them achieve that goal by using our imagination and technology to transform their visions into stunning digital assets that spark amazement and engagement.

Woman wearing a light blue shirt filling up a glass with water from a refrigerator
Closeup of glass bottle being filled with water
Closeup of lower half of man and woman with woman holding a glass bottle of water
Headshot of woman with long hair drinking iced water from a glass

Our skilled artists meticulously designed every curve and every detail of the glass dropper bottle and the elegant round container from scratch. Combined with lighting and reflective effects, the result is a breathtaking fusion of artistry and technology; a 3D creation that looks as if it were photographed in our studio.

Ultra, Carbon and KDF Fifty five Filter packs
Ultra Filter pack
Ultra, Carbon and KDF Fifty five Filter packs with attachments
Silver colored filter cap
Ultra, Carbon and KDF Fifty five Filter packs with tubes
Ultra, Carbon and KDF Fifty five Filter combo pack with tubes
Filter pack
Two silver colored Filter caps
Closeup of filter attachment
Closeup of metal drill bit
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