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Finn Partners Taste of Jamaica

The South Beach Food and Wine Festival takes place in Miami every year. However, they are trying to take this culinary celebration international.  The first extension was planned for Jamaica, so for this year’s food and wine festival featured Jamaican cuisine. The South Beach Food and Wine Festival invited Jamaica’s most famous chefs to take over the festival and treat guests to a night of Caribbean flavors. We were asked to film the event.


Our mission was to capture the spirit of Jamaica at the South Beach Food and Wine Festival. They wanted a video that would show how this event would perform if it were hosted in Jamaica. The magic and success of this video lie in the post-production editing work and our equipment. We used awesome RED cameras capable of filming stellar shots in low light. Our cameras and camera work really preserved the color and atmosphere of the event. During post-production, we used a quick editing style to capture the vibe and pace of the event. This is why the video is so lively as if you are actually there.


We pulled off some magic to capture this story and tell an accurate narrative of the life and energy of the South Beach Food and Wine Festival in Miami. Perhaps we will be invited to Jamaica to help tell the next chapter of this exciting culinary saga.


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