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In collaboration with the Florida House Victory Campaign, Turn Florida Blue, we wrote, produced, and distributed a series of political ads to increase awareness and buzz around Democratic Candidates who needed a boost in the polls. Patrick Henry was one such candidate.


Ricky Junquera grew up in a Cuban American household right here in West Miami-Dade by his single mother and grandmother. Since early childhood, he saw the risks and sacrifices his family made to make sure he had education and personal improvement opportunities. In 2010, Ricky was attending law school and working on Joe Garcia’s 2010 bid for congress. That’s where he found his calling, helping communities through public service. After receiving a master’s degree in intercultural communications, he became the Communications Director for Congressman Henry Cuellar of San Antonio in 2015. He joined the campaign just as Donald Trump was beginning his own. This pushed Ricky forward and enabled him to work further to hone his communication skills to combat Trump’s anti-immigration rhetoric.


For the Florida House Victory Campaign, we distributed three ads for Ricky Junquera (30-second, 15-second, and 6-second versions) while using advanced SEO tactics to boost searchability and organic viewership.


In conjunction with the three ads published in part by the Florida House Victory campaign, Ricky Junquera’s base commissioned us to write, produce, and distribute an independent collection of political advertisements.


In 2015, after witnessing the EPA’s attacks, Ricky accepted a position as the Regional Press Secretary for the Sierra Club. This began his start in shaping environmental communication strategies throughout the Midwest and Florida. Ultimately, Ricky chose to run for House Representative because he cared deeply about his community’s health outcomes and fought to balance working-class communities’ economic struggles. Vocalizing this in our media wasn’t difficult at all. We knew his words would meet the emotions of many in a community that had seen hardship after hardship, from the EPA to the current COVID-19 crisis. For this series, we highlighted Ricky Junquera’s focus on the issues that matter most to our communities: healthcare, unemployment, gun violence, clean water, public education, and viable transportation. These issues have been a part of Ricky’s life since childhood. He’d seen the hardships that crushing medical expenses have on a family. He’s personally been a part of the fight for clean water since early 2015. We see that many of these issues are still ones we face today. There’s much work still left to be done, and that’s why we banded together to give Ricky the media he needed to get his words and work in front of a larger audience.


The framework for these ads led to increased voter turnout for Ricky Junquera.

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