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Ford Mustang

Our large-capacity studio grounds are highly spacious and big enough to fit anything; yes, cars too.

The goal here was to utilize the best videography strategies and low lighting to create a cinematic-style ad for the Ford Mustang that captured what it felt like to drive it.


The shoot was done inside our studio, using a Cyclorama wall. Our experts at C&I Studios were able to capture amazing visuals with the aid of our state-of-the-art photography equipment. From close-ups to the interior and the entire body, we captured all the angles!

Side view of a woman sitting in a car with a part of the American flag visible in the car door
Headshot of woman with long black hair posing for camera in semidarkness

Time-consuming set-ups aren't necessary for creating dramatic lighting effects

Our extensive knowledge of how to use lighting to create drama in a video helped us create the perfect results for the Ford Mustang’s promotional ad. With the correct lighting, you can set the right mood. Our photographers make use of dramatic lighting in conveying meaning and emotion rather than simply capturing a subject’s physical appearance.


There are many bright and creative people working for C&I Studios who understand what it takes to create genuinely spectacular brand videos. Our video crew and editors have all worked on numerous projects across a variety of industries. Because of this, we are able to provide you with the finest possible service.


We work with brands to create masterpieces based on their vision, personality, and ideas.

Closeup view of front of a gray car in semidarkness
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