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Fresh First Logo

The Brand

Fresh First is the first 100% gluten-free eatery in Fort Lauderdale. They are the first eatery in the area to earn GREAT Kitchen accredidation by the National Foundation of Celiac Awareness. Their focus is to serve healthy food that is delicious, fresh, creative, and nutritious to the mainstream world.


Though Fresh First dominates their industry as a leading example of healthy eating, their market presence suffered due to weak branding and a poorly designed website. They came to us to relaunch their brand with a new fresh aesthetic and to build a website that would fully tell their brand’s narrative and increase online ordering. We decided to reconstruct their brand imagery from the ground up, focusing on ingredients to showcase the power of healthy eating. Furthermore, we recrafted their brand’s dialogue, polishing it for a mainstream, english speaking audience. Utlimately, Fresh First’s resurgence required extensive graphic design work, copywriting, and detailed website development.

Phase 1

First, we redesigned Fresh First’s logo. This gave us a better idea of their artistic preferences, as well as the iconogrphy that would be used throughout the website. Once the logo was confirmed, we got to work on their mood boards, which demonstrate the overall aesthetic of the brand. We created a few options and justified our approach with rationale so the client could make the most informed decision.

FreshFirst Mood Board A

Heading Typface

Our first choice of typeface is Paytone One, a readable yet playful display font. Its advantage over a script-style font like Pacifico or a handwriting-style font like Dakota is its readability for website visitors that have difficulty reading decorative fonts due to vision problems and learning disorders like dyslexia.Paytone One is a sans serif typeface developed for use as a display font on modern web pages. The typeface has a slightly causal appearance with round bowls and slanted stroke terminals to add a sense of visual playfulness to the overall appearnce of the font.

Paytone One is featured in more than 59,000 websites.


Body Typeface

We recommend Zilla Slab, a contemporary slab serif constructed with smooth curves giving the text an unexpectedly sophisticated and modern look with a friendly approachability in all weights. C&I would use it to replace Fresh First’s current body fonts, American Typewriter and Bebas Neue. Zilla Slab’s advantage over Bebas Neue is its availabilty in five weights and a lowercase format which Bebas Neue lacks; its advantage over American Typewriter is that it is available for free as a Google font, which has the included benefit of Google hosting the font meaning that the website won’t be slowed down through self-hosting

Zilla Slab is featured on more than 9,800 websites.

Color Palette

Here, we have selected a harmonious palette inspired by the vibrancy of South Florida and the natural colors of the fresh fruit and vegetables used by Fresh First. our selected hues have a high degree of contrast without looking harsh or synthetic. When the colors touch, the eye can easily pick up on the line between each color, and there’s no ‘vibration’ or mudiness of colors, which is important for any layering of colors for print and web design.

We are confident that this palette will contribute to an aesthetically-pleasing deisng for print and web.

Fresh First Mood Board B
Fresh First MoodBoard C Revision 2 With Rationale
Egg Free icon
Non fish icon
Non GMO icon
No Peanuts icon
No Seeds icon
Soy Free icon
Vegetable icon
No Wheat icon
Carrot icon
No Chemical icon with test tube
No Chemical icon with beaker
Dairy Free icon
Fresh First Home Page Mockup
Fresh First Menu Mockup
Fresh First Contact Us Mockup
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