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The BrandGeneva Seal is a fashion-forward jeweler showcasing the finest collection of diamonds, jewelry, antique watches, and timepieces available today.
The LegacyIt is a family legacy spanning more than 50 years, from its origins in the diamond wholesale business, to an elegant boutique on Oak Street, Chicago; their focus is on providing a personalized service that caters to any customer’s needs.

Geneva Seal

Telling the Story.


“Our collective efforts to build something have made this city thrive… and our family’s no different.”


Chicago. A city of noise, congestion, people—and above all, innovation. For the family behind Geneva Seal, this is home. A city where progress and handwork have allowed them to plant roots that span more than 50 years. When they came to us, they were looking for a way to tell this story, a story of humble European origins, and a rich family heritage that unites sophistication and elegance.


This once small business had evolved from the early days of importing diamonds to today, where they deliver over four thousand pieces a year. And they needed us to deliver this information, whilst evoking in the viewer their brand’s joint principles of service, quality, value, and trust. For Geneva Seal is more than just about business. They are about legacy.

The Animation

Perhaps the most rewarding challenge of this project was the 2D and 3D animations involved in pulling the whole thing off. Luckily, our graphic design team was ready and eager to rise to the challenge.


Our research on the Fulton Market district formed the basis of an intimate study, which was how we were able to capture the authenticity of these iconic buildings in an area known for its hip entertainment venues and modern restaurants.


From the analog pencil sketches taken from drone footage to the computer-generated imagery they eventually became, our VFX team did not rest until they had something convincing to show. And their hard work really did pay off – the final result speaks for itself.




The Shoot

We were tasked with the awesome responsibility of telling this story. Geneva Seal entrusted us to take their brand of nationally-renowned sophistication and, through the eyes of our video production, bring its history to life. But video production does not simply start when the camera begins to roll, and it certainly does not end when it ceases…


After delivering a custom script for approval, Location was our next focus: Chicago. Sore-front stills and stock-shots of the iconic city streets were taken, as well as footage captured of city-scapes through the eyes of a drone.


Then came the talent. Scouting for a voice-over and finding just the right fit is not always the easiest thing to do; how do you find a voice that tells an inspiring story but stays true to the elegance of the brand itself, and is compelling, all at the same time? Well, we like to think we found it.


And of course, no story-telling video is complete without effective music as company.
All of these elements came together in the end to tell the story of a 50-year old legacy, a family business, and a brand that embodies timeless sophistication, style, and value.

Behind the Scenes

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