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Gio Henao Artist Profile

Gio Henao

Gio Henao is the Studio Director at K.Z. Architecture Inc. in Miami.


She commissioned us to film and produce the following artist profile to showcase her architectural philosophy and how her unique perspective elevates her craftsmanship. Given that K.Z. Architecture does not recognize their architects on their website, we wanted to create something that would help Gio Henao stand out in her professional field. We decided to create a video that was deeply emotional and moving; something that would resonate with K.Z. Architecture’s audience and encourage the viewer to see Gio’s architecture as a spiritual art rather than a technical discipline.


To achieve this, we removed Gio from the video. Instead, we used Roya Zangoui, a model who we’ve worked with many times, as the visual centerpiece and emotional connector. Her exotic grace and gentle posture matched the voice-over perfectly. This combination was key. Roya’s on-screen presence captures the viewer’s attention while Gio’s beautiful monologue informs them of the deeper, more intimate side of her architecture. Together, they create an uplifting expos√© that fully showcases Gio’s brilliance.


Finetuning The Story

We are a turnkey agency, in that we take each project from concept to delivery. Because of this, we house a full creative suite of editing and post-production software. One of our most powerful editing software, which we used to put the final touches on Gio Henao’s artist profile, is DaVinci Resolve. This is a color correction and non-linear video editing application for macOS by Blackmagic Design.


Since editing is one of the most critical steps in our process, nothing is overlooked. DaVinci Resolve helps us zone-in on key points of interest to create maximum clarity and outstanding color harmony. In this phase, we take all the footage, audio, and additional assets and lay them on a timeline to arrange the absolute best narrative flow. This process is extremely time-consuming. According to the industry standard, every minute of shooting translates to an hour of editing, which makes sense since this is where true storytelling comes together.


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