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Gold Coast Magazine
Boxer Chasity Martin

When our friends at Gold Coast Magazine asked us if we could get some shots of local pro boxer Chasity Martin, we were more than pumped. They were working on an article about this tough woman, and they wanted to feature some photos that would capture her working out with her trainer, as well as a behind the scenes video and brief interview with Chasity.

What we love most about these shots are how they capture the extreme dedication she has to her sport. Her success comes from raw talent, and mostly a lot of hard work. The variety of training methods that we documented really complemented Gold Coast’s article, and the BTS video does a great job of providing a teaser to the incredible story of how she arrived to where she is today.

It’s always an honor to work with Gold Coast, one of the longest-running city magazine companies in Florida. And Chasity: we are pulling for you—go and make us proud!

Female boxer in pink outfit with pink boxing gloves training with a semi-large punching bag in a gym with a few big punching bags.
Client Gold Coast Magazine
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