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Hightower Financial Advisors Boca Raton Vertical White Small logo

The Brand

HighTower Financial Advisors offers leading-edge financial advisory services out of Boca Raton. They have a strict obligation to prioritize their client’s best interests in order to enhance their wealth and a foundation for long-term financial gains. In this capacity, they are more akin to business consultants than wealth managers.


HighTower came to us for two branding videos. They wanted media that would vocalize and profile their company; something that would distinguish them from their competition and succinctly relay their expertise in the industry of financial management. The end goal for these videos was to showcase their expertise while generating business leads.


Make the best first impression with content that sells your brand.

Hightower Advisors needed to translate two pivotal facts: 1) that they are the industry experts in wealth management, and 2) that they have a legal and personal obligation to deliver results. These video productions answer both those consumer concerns.

Hightower Financial Advisors Side view of the Hightower Boca Raton logo in a lobby of the company with a secretary sitting at her desk working
Hightower Financial Advisors Closeup headshot of a man with a salt and paper beard
Hightower Financial Advisors Headshot of a man with a salt and paper beard wearing a gray suit with white shirt and blue tie
Hightower Financial Advisors Closeup of a man with a pen writing something down in a notebook tablet
Hightower Financial Advisors Hightower Boca Raton logo in a lobby of the company with a secretary sitting at her desk smiling for the camera looking off to the side
Corporate branding company narrative Headshot of man in a black suit with white shirt and tie
Hightower Financial Advisors Man wearing gray suit using a marker on a clear glass to write something
Hightower Financial Advisors A man and two women gathered at an office table having a discussion
Hightower Financial Advisors View from behind of two men by a computer with one man showing the other man something on the screen

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