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Ian Bravo

The educational sector produces leaders, inventors, and thinkers whose ideas improve and drive the society. Despite education’s propensity to generate outstanding people, the industry as a whole has stayed mostly unchanged—until now.


With millennials changing the way we live, there has been a progressive shift in training or coaching methodologies. The traditional educational paradigm has shifted from one in which students are taught by teachers in classrooms to one that incorporates technology and co-working areas.


Consider the classrooms you attended as a student. Perhaps you recall sitting and observing as the teacher performed the majority of the talking, or perhaps you and your classmates were given problem-solving assignments to do. Perhaps your assessments consisted entirely of rote memorization of previously taught material, or perhaps you maintained a portfolio of your work that your teacher evaluated with one-on-one feedback. Learning environments differ from one classroom to the next and from one context to the next. Good old memories aren’t they?

Side profile headshot of a girl wearing a teal colored t shirt
Man talking to others sitting at a table
Headshot of man with short hair and beard wearing a white shirt talking to the camera
Female African American teacher in a classroom talking to students
Headshot of girl wearing a blue t shirt talking to camera
Child wearing white top and gray shorts sitting on a chair in the middle of a room
Bald woman wearing colorful top
African American girl wearing dreadlocks as well as orange bandana and sweatshirt
Male teacher wearing a blue mask in a classroom

Meet Ian Bravo

Well, meet Ian Bravo. Ian started this remarkable company called “All pod”, and basically its a service that allows teachers to work wherever they can rent a space, work remotely, and with other teachers as well.


Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower,” Steve Jobs said. And well, Ian Bravo is most certainly a leader, as his wonderful idea makes it so much easier for teachers to do what they love, and impact knowledge on the leaders of tomorrow.


Thanks to Ian’s company, every day, hosts provide one-of-a-kind stays and one-of-a-kind experiences that allow visitors(teachers in this case) to have a more genuine and connected experience towards impacting knowledge. And the students in a knowledge-centered environments such as this, are encouraged to learn information thoroughly so that they can apply it in new circumstances and contexts.

Side profile of an African American boy with a blue pencil in his mouth
Group of students in a classroom and staff all wearing masks
Side profile of girl wearing a gray top using a red marker to make a poster using a tablet as a guide
Two boys doing homework in a classroom
Closeup of backpacks hanging from the back of chairs
Four kids playing on a slide on a playground
African American boy showing a project to a class
African American girl smiling and holding a Completion Certificate
African American girl on a swing in the air smiling

Every Story Matters

At C&I, we understand that the stories we share bind us all together. And we were more than glad to capture and tell Ian’s story in the most amazing way possible. Our ability to harness the power of imagination is greater than ever thanks to technological advancements. We can create worlds not just with words or photos, or a combination of the two, but with much more.


And we enjoyed being part of Ian’s story; every single bit of it!

African American male wearing a bird patterned shirt using a tablet in a classroom
Two African American girls with braids and wearing surgeon masks facing each other in a classroom
Girl doing a video call in a classroom
African American woman wearing a dress suit talking with man with short beard and hair wearing a white shirt and gray backpack
Teacher talking to two boys in a classroom
Students in a classroom writing at a table with a TV display hanging on the wall
Side profile of girl doing a presentation for the class with another woman looking on
Woman with long brown hair wearing a black and white top cheering with arms up
Woman with glasses and talking seen on a TV display hanging on the wall

The video production services we rendered for Ian, meant so much to us, and it eventually grew into something much bigger. We were more than glad to be part of Ian’s dream. Ian Bravo is an extremely nice and super creative individual, so it was really nice getting to know him, and working with him. We adore our profession, and the fact that we get to do what we love, creating commercials and helping people showcase their dreams and ideas to the world every day is incredible. This project took about three to four days at various locations in fort Lauderdale and Miami. We had one-on-one moments with the teachers and students, and being able to assist Ian in promoting and marketing All pod wasn’t just what made it special, getting the broll of the kids on the playground was the best part and seeing the smiles on their faces made it all worthwhile. It was truly amazing!

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