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Senatorial Candidate
Janet Cruz

Congressional Candidate
Gina Ortiz Jones

76 Words is one of America’s most diverse political communications firms. Every year, they help to elect and empower the new American majority by connecting voters with political candidates who have their, and the entire United States’, best interests at heart. Their loyalty lies with candidates who harbor progressive visions for the future. Because of this, they are quite selective regarding the candidates they choose to support. There is a specific criteria that 76 Words’ candidates must adhere to. Above all else, they must think selflessly and act with the sole intention of ushering in a new era in American society — one designed for the people and derived from equality.


Janet Cruz ran for Florida’s District 18 U.S. Senate seat. She promised to improve everyday opportunities for everyday people, using her life experiences to shape a dialogue that resonated with American voters. Her history and career successes make her the ideal candidate to support this narrative. She is a shining example of determination and proof that the American dream continues to thrive today. Her political affiliation is beyond partisanship. She sides with the American people, supporting legislation aimed to improve their ability to succeed and opposing legislation designed to hinder them.


76 Words’ endorsement of Janet Cruz is proof that her American dream is for the people.

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