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Jiffy Lube Recruitment Drive

“You are a leader. You are a veteran. You are wanted.” 


Jiffy Lube — a national automotive service provider — hired us to conceptualize, film, produce and distribute a recruitment initiative targeted for U.S. military veterans. Jiffy Lube Veterans still operates as the primary career recruitment path for former service members. Our video makes up the centerfold of their application page and process.


The challenge was creating a video with the right amount of impact. When speaking to our nation’s veterans, some production companies overembellish a sop-story. We find this off-putting, so we developed language and imagery that speaks to camaraderie, devotion, and opportunity. In the end, we knew that flowery language would have devalued the messaging. So, we instead created a dialogue that was strong and stern and familiar to our audience.


We also wanted to show how Jiffy Lube supports a career transition from military service to the Jiffy Lube service center without infringing upon the qualities taught to them during their service; mainly that of companionship and brotherhood. To achieve this, we opened the video with our talent in military attire and concluded it with the same collection of service members donned in Jiffy Lube uniforms.


Over-delivering the Final Product

“We value your veteran leadership and your teamwork.”


Given the weight of the recruitment drive and the status of the audience we were targeting, we created a long [60-second] and short [30-second] video so Jiffy Lube could diversify the circulation of this video on multiple platforms.


We wanted to guarantee that veterans interested in a promising career would respond to our recruitment ad, so we edited two versions for their viewing preferences. Both videos bare the same amount of impact. However, the 60-second video [featured to the left] includes more information about Jiffy Lube careers and the type of company culture a new employee can expect.


Both videos do an excellent job of showing that current and new employees come from similar backgrounds and that Jiffy Lube is the best opportunity for a new career. Furthermore, it shows that by applying, veterans create the opportunity to join a new family that thinks and works as they do.

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