Promoting Their Expertise

Juicery Rx, an organic cold-pressed juice bar, approached us with a desire to establish themselves as regional experts in nutrition and to drive more traffic to their store.  We knew this would require a comprehensive approach, so we took on the challenge.

The Challenge

In order to establish Juicery Rx as a regional expert, we needed to first develop a strategy that aligned with their company mission.  At the time, they had a few social accounts that were being maintained on an inconsistent basis.  They lacked imagery that reflected the quality of their product, and a consistent look.

The logical outcome as a result of achieving the goal of establishing Juicery Rx as a regional expert is that foot traffic in their Coral Ridge juice bar would increase.

The Solution

We determined that a consistent social media presence would allow them to gain the widest audience.  This meant that we needed to develop a solid brand identity in terms of imagery and voice.  The owner of Juicery Rx has a pharmacist’s background, so we knew that this could allow us to develop a unique voice, not typical of a standard juice bar.

Running social media is not some kind of willy-nilly process.  It requires a lot of planning and research.  We established a calendar each month that highlighted the plan for each day, and we held monthly media days in order to photograph and video concepts that related to our strategy.

The Results

We have been able to continuously build an interesting and attractive brand that has produced an engaging audience.  The numbers don’t lie, our monthly reports reflect that Juicery Rx is benefitting from significant increases in followers and engagement each month, and they have been benefitting from the increased foot traffic that has come into their location as a result.

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