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C&I Studios has helped many businesses take their product photography to a new level, like our client Kalix! We updated their product catalogue with flat lay product shots. Flat lay photographs are camera shots from the top down, usually on a solid color background. They are one of the cleanest ways to show off the beauty a product. With a crisp white backdrop, the sole focus of the photograph is the product. There’s nothing else for the customer to get distracted with.


We chose a simple white background for Kalix’s products so that their customers can clearly see the variety of Kalix’s cellphone accessories. The white backdrop worked well for their eCommerce outlets and made the photos versatile enough for their social media platforms.

Kalix Product Icon
Kalix Product Icon
Kalix Product Icon
Closeup of person putting smart phone on the wall on a hook
Closeup of person with long red hair wearing a black top using a cell phone leaning on a lime green colored wall
Closeup of person with long red hair wearing a red top using a cell phone
Side profile closeup of person with long red hair wearing a light blue jean top using a cell phone holding a red cup
Clear and Realistic Product Photography

C&I Studios also produced model shots with Kalix’s products being used by one of our models. Modeled product photos give the customers more of a sense of the function of their products and how they are meant to be used. Customers can see how the Kalix accessories are suppose to attach to their phones. If they are on the fence about it fitting properly on their device, the customer can easily understand the basic dimensions of the product because they see the size and shape in context to the model holding it.


C&I Studios is proud of the photographs that we produced for Kalix! We knew the best way to market Kalix’s cellphone accessories was to produce enticing and realistic product photography that clearly represented the items for sale on their e-commerce outlets. Flat lay and modeled product photos are great for e-commerce websites but they can also be repurposed as other marketing content like e-mail ads, social media posts, or Google/Amazon Ads!

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