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Concept December 2018 with closeup of hotel
December sixth Opening Night with young tattooed man in the rain looking up with eyes closed
Illumination Installations, Interactive Tech, Community and Diversity and Outdoor Activation
The Power of Illumination with various images
Starry Night Display with images of starry sky art and fireworks
Pool Glistening Words with overhead image of swimmer
Influencer Magic Community Engagement with image of champagne being poured into a glass
December seventh Magic Connection with side profile silhouette of woman shaking her hair in the rain
Music, Movement, Share and Connect with various images
Dance Under the Stars with two images of crowds at music venues
Share and Connect with image of small photos and another image with icons on a wall
Print Your Moment with various small images
Share Your Moment with image of icons on a wall
December eighth Fashion is Magic with headshot of woman with long red hair posing
Catwalk, Fashion Design and Performance with related images
The Shows with image of catwalk and bald person wearing earpiece
Potential Fashion Brands with images of female and male models wearing glasses or shades
Potential Fashion Brands from MontceSwim with images of various female models
Headshots of potential performers Post Malone, Jaden Smith, Erykah Badu and Chance the Rapper
December ninth Magic Under the Stars with image of palm trees on a starry night at dusk
Big Splash, Cinema and Exclusive Art with related images
The Big Splash Pool Party with overhead view of people in a pool
Move Magic Outdoor Film Screening with two related images
Art Exhibits with two images of artwork
Soto with two images of his artwork
Timmy Ham Nickname Sloth with two images of his artwork
Elisabetta Fontone with two images of her artwork
Image of man using a sewing machine with yellow tape measure around his neck
Display with six images
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