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White Kinbe Kids logo

Pint Size Heroes

We have helped Kinbe Kids create two brand videos that highlight how devoted they are to providing premium leather baby moccasins that allow infant’s feet to breathe and move freely. Kinbe Kids’ extremely comfy shoes have been tested and approved by a variety of parents. We wanted our brand videos to present why new parents have put their trust in Kinbe Kids enough to rate them as one of the best infant moccasins on the market.

Overhead view of man holding baby on his lap
Bald man showing woman children's items
Aerial view of woman sitting in the grass with children's shoes nearby

They are the Future

Kinbe Kids had the vision of entering into other eco-friendly baby wear categories such as t-shirts, shorts, overalls, and so on. We were able to showcase their expanding product line through the numerous product shots and videos we took during our one-day, full service, production shoot.


Raising Heroes

With the heartwarming photographs, product shots, and brand videos we were able to capture for Kinbe Kids, they will be able to leave a long-lasting impression in the minds of their online and social media audiences.

Pink and white I Am The Future shirt on display with Kinbe logo
Gray I Am The Future shirt on display with Kinbe logo
Black and white I Am The Future shirt on display with Kinbe logo

Kinbe Kids

There is this joy that spreads from your heart to your soul when you get the opportunity to see babies in their happy hours. Kinbe Kids’ is an online store that specializes in selling the best quality shoes for infants. We collaborated with them in bringing their ideas to life by photographing their products in action. To pass across the right message and connect with Kinbe Kids’ target audience, young parents and new moms, we used actors who were part of the same demographic.

Small multicolored shoes for little girl
Small light blue shoes for little boy
Small multicolored shoes for little girl

Providing a Safe Place

C&I Studios immediately felt connected to Kinbe Kids’ sustainable mission and donation based business model because we have similar goals for our non-profit organization C&I Reach. That is why we knew that we had to help Kinbe Kids showcase this important aspect of their brand through our professionally produced video content and crisp product shots.

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