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Closeup at floor level of a boy clutching an adult's leg sticking his tongue out

Label Daddy

If parents cannot laugh at their own misery, what else can they laugh at?

Label Daddy hired us to create an original, entertaining and comedic company profile video to be the centerpiece of their website. They wanted a video that told a story. But not just any story. They wanted one that most every parent could empathize with. And if there is one state-of-mind that every parent is familiar with, it’s chaos.


We put our collective thinking together (and gathered the parents in our studio) to come up with some household pain points that most everyone has experienced. After the concept was decided we wrote the script and got to filming Label Daddy’s company profile centerpiece.


Chaos and order are the rivals of every young household. One is practically guaranteed. The other not so much. Our idea was to show how Label Daddy brings order to the chaos. From screaming children, disastrous living rooms, childish squabbles, and one smooth daddy comes this hilariously accurate video production.

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