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Laguna Blends


Laguna Blends

While we love to join a creative project at any step in the process, we especially love being able to flex our pre-production muscles.


This project with Laguna Blends required a lot of front-end planning, brainstorming, and production meetings. We developed 10 concepts for them to choose from in order to produce 4 different videos, and then we developed still photography concepts that vibed with the video in order to put together a cohesive social campaign.


We chose to use video production and CBD product photography to create a narrative that would educate average consumers on the benefits of hemp.


This shoot required a crew of 8 from our team: we produced, directed, styled, casted, filmed, and photographed each production from start to finish. In the end, we heard “thanks again for an amazing shoot” from Laguna Blends.

Hemp Is Healthy

Our social media campaign aimed to educate the general public on the nutritional value of hemp, as well as the types of people who use it. Considering Laguna Blends incorporates hemp and CBD into a number of products ranging from smoothie blends and coffee to face masks and beauty supplies, we needed to show the versatility of their primary ingredient. Furthermore, given the connotation of hemp, it was important to educate new audiences about hemp users by showing who they truly are.


Our social media videos are quick and playful. They rely on bright colors and a hint of mystery to keep viewers engaged until the end. The message: “Trust in plants.”


All in all, our media hints at the hemp lifestyle by showing those who utilize it and benefit from it. We do not engage in hard sells but, rather, pique the viewers curiosity so they actively seek out more information. This strategy allowed the Laguna Blends brand to branch out from its niche audience and reach consumers in untapped markets. The results showed in the conversion of cold leads and the maintenance of loyal consumers.

Display of rejuvenating, regenerating, resurfacing, and restoring serum, cleanser, and cream products with two white flowers
Closeup of woman posing for camera looking down and holding hand to her face
Woman wearing a head towel and body towel spraying her face with product by a sink
Woman using CannaCeuticals facial cleanser product in the shower
Woman splashing water on her face by a sink with a mirror showing her reflection
Laguna Blends instant coffee box next to light blue cup of coffee on display
Display of pro369 protein pack with glass of smoothie and fruit
Side profile of woman wearing white sports bra and black pants drinking a smoothie in a kitchen by a mixer on a counter
African American woman with black and green dreads enjoying a white cup of coffee on a patio
Woman with long blond hair reading a book with a white cup of coffee sitting on a patio chair
Side profile through double doors of a woman with long brown hair standing on a patio with a cup of coffee wearing short jeans, white top and leather high heels
Woman wearing white sport bra and black yoga pants doing a yoga pose for the camera
Three women wearing sport bras talking and enjoying smoothies walking
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