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LastSet Co. Women's Clothing Line

LastSet Co.

LASTSET Co. is an L.A. based clothing line for female athletes. Their philosophy, TRAIN. GRIND. DOMINATE., is subliminally ingrained in both their style of clothing and their marketing. They showcase strong female athletes in their branding, adding to the powerful nature that has become iconic of their brand. That is what we sought to capture in this branding video.


We wanted to deliver a video that embodied both the dedication and mindset needed to push through that last set. The choppy, fast-paced editing and winding camera angles symbolize the workout. This style helps the viewer to feel the strain of the barbell on top of their shoulders; to feel that shortness of breath with each passing set; to leave the pain behind and dig deeper.  


The model and the setting we chose for this video are not glamorous. Yes, she is beautiful and incredibly fit but she is not acting. That is what makes this video powerful. She’s grinding, she’s feeling the weight of her exhaustion, and that is something that their audience can connect with. The only dialogue in the entire video, “You got this.” is all that is needed. Anyone who has been in the gym pushing themselves to the limit has used a similar phrase to motivate themselves to see that last set through.

LastSet Clothing Line Brand Video
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