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"MOODY" by Laudz Feneles

When you’re filming a music video titled “Moody” it only makes sense to come to the content creators who specialize in creating deeply seductive and intimate video productions.


We filmed this entire music video at our studio headquarters in downtown Fort Lauderdale. With some clever lighting applications, we achieved these intoxicating hues that sway between dark and brooding to bright and empowered. After filming, our audio engineers mastered the vocals and instrumentals then placed them on a timeline so the highs and lows of the soundtrack matched perfectly with the lighting.


The final product turned out amazing! The clarity of the vocals is off the charts and the vibrancy of the video footage gives Laudz this air of intoxicating superiority. She’s desirable from start to finish and again on repeat.

MOODY by Laudz Feneles

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