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Moss Construction Fort Lauderdale
Moss Construction Fort Lauderdale

Moss Construction

Moss Construction’s dedication to excellence and transparency has made them a household name in the construction industry.

Their honest, intelligent, and thoughtful approach to business are all distinguishing characteristics that have led to them being one of the most recognizable construction firms in operation. Their work philosophy combined with their collection of sustainable, award-winning buildings has grown their compay into one of the largest in the industry.


The Moss team spans the entire United States with offices in Hawaii, California, Texas, and Florida. And that is who we were hired to highlight. When Moss Construction approached us, they asked for two videos:

  1. to showcase their award-winning buildings
  2. to spotlight their outstanding company culture


When spotlighting their company culture, we chose to inject a bit of humor into the piece. This was a key element in showing the human factor in their business and the many unique personalities that contribute to their ongoing mission. As a whole, this video sheds light on the outstanding people at the helm of their business, as well as the scope of their influence.


These videos were originally revealed at Moss Construction’s annual company retreat in dedication to all of their employees, but remain a valuable asset for their branding and marketing.

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