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Nate Parker Foundation X C&I Studios

In a groundbreaking collaboration, C&I Studios and the Nate Parker Foundation partnered to produce a poignant PSA advocating for free phone calls for incarcerated individuals. The PSA highlighted the efforts of Connect Families Now, an online platform spearheading the movement for free prison calls. Led by American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter Nate Parker, the Nate Parker Foundation played a pivotal role in conceptualizing the PSA and bringing the vision to life.


Our collaboration with the Nate Parker Foundation was a testament to our commitment to using film as a powerful tool for social change. By combining our creative talents, we were able to create a visually stunning and emotionally resonant piece that sheds light on the urgent need for reform in the prison telecom industry.

Movie Magic in a PSA

One of the most notable challenges was creating a convincing prison location from scratch. Leveraging our studio’s 24,000 sq ft space, we meticulously placed props and set up lighting to capture the essence of a prison setting. Our professional grip and electric team made use of our studio’s scissor lift, ensuring that even the most challenging shots were executed flawlessly.

During the intensive 3-day shoot, our production assistants went above and beyond, ensuring that talent and crew were well taken care of. From securing craft services to coordinating meal orders, our team ensured that everyone had what they needed to stay focused and energized.

A standout moment from the shoot was capturing the main talent riding a bike down the street—a scene that required meticulous planning and coordination. Despite the complexities, the final footage captured the spirit of the PSA beautifully.

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