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C&I Studios Partnered with Newbridge Marketing and Kodiak Cakes for This Video Production


Producing Brand Awareness at the Ground Level

The goal of this project was to show Newbridge Marketing supporting their client, Kodiak Cakes. By the end of this production we were able to successfully lay out how Newbridge Marketing’s promotional Food Truck Tour through Utah’s ski resorts increased the brand awareness of Kodiak Cakes’s products. Through a niche marketing video and promotional experience we were able to tell the stories of Kodiak Cakes healthy lifestyle and Newbridge Marketing’s expertise.


For this project C&I Studios produced a video that showed how well received Kodiak Cakes food truck and samples were in Utah’s ski resorts. The video production crew shot this video on location in Utah. We had to accommodate for the wintery weather but it was worth it because the end result was a dynamic, sunny winter wonderful video that advocated for Kodiak Cakes products and it’s brand.

Man and woman wearing visor and black helmet smiling for the camera enjoying flapjacks
Woman sitting on a wooden bench toasting marshmallow by a fire pit
Closeup of bags of Graham Bear Bites Cinnamon crackers
Closeup of packs of chewy Granola Bars
View of company van and ad for free flapjacks in front of it
Closeup of customer being handed a plastic plate of flapjacks by van

Where the Magic Happens

In post-production, we were able to show off what the Newbridge Marketing brand has to offer their clients. Particularly their Food Truck Tours. This video outlined what a food truck tour of theirs can look like via easy-to-read text. It showed the awry of food samples and also the kind of swag the food trucks offer during their tours. We really took out the time to show what Newbridge Marketing can do to spread brand awareness for their clients like Kodiak Cakes.

Producing Unyielding Courage

Video production has many different levels to it, and C&I Studios is equipped to produce dynamic videos and marketing content just like this one for any client or company seeking content for their marketing campaigns. From concept to post-production, we provide the full-service experience!

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