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How would you create a 2D animation that would be both interesting to watch and educational to the viewers?

Okeanos approached us at C&I to create an animation that was fire and sure to be useful to their clients. The task was to create a 2 minutes 2D animation of their process on how to make their products. It was to include bullet points, list-style texts, graphics elements, and a variety of Charlton designs. This was their first time working with us, but our good track record gave them the confidence that we could handle it.


After a little planning and preparation, we got to work on it. We decided to create a paper cut/collage style animation that was vibrant and eye-catching but not lost on the facts it intended to convey. We used elements of bottles, straws, paper, etc, for the designs, designed from scratch the custom templates they wanted and we pulled it off in a couple of days.

Plant Based Products to Pricey Take Away Food Sources Releases More Carbon Dioxide The Choice Is Yours 2D Animation Still
Aluminum and Glass Based Products to Carbon Emissions That Surpass That Of Plastic The Choice IIs Yours 2D Animation Still
Bakers Pellets 2D Animation Still
Compound 2D Animation Still

How did we do that?

First of all, we took pictures of the objects we wanted to include in the animation, then we worked on it using Photoshop to make the objects look visually attractive. We also gave that all a paper feel to match the paper background format we had in mind.


Then we moved to After Effects for the animation. This was honestly supposed to be the hardest part of all, but we passed through it in a breeze. While animating we had to put into consideration the voice-over our client already had prepared. The composition was made to match the voice-over and was synced to perfection before we rendered the entire project.

The End Product

In a few days, we had created a 2D animation up to the specification of the client.


It was a challenge we gladly accepted and as always we had fun every step of the way.


Okeanos Inc. is located in Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States, and is part of the Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services Industry. The consulting service offers a variety of services to its clients and has a very active digital presence. By coming to us when there were other options available to them, it shows just how much people believe in our abilities. Once again we have started what we believe will be a lifetime partnership and we are very pleased.


Every brand needs to connect properly with its audience or consumers to fully develop. We understand this and that is why we prioritize shedding your brand in the right light. We offer the best services from advertising, video, and live streaming, up to website development, and content creation. At C&I, our team uses all their knowledge and experience to help you grow your business. With several years of experience under their belts, they’ll help you deal with the hassles of reaching out to consumers and maintaining a good brand image.

Healthier Future 2D Animation Still
Earth Provides More Calcium Carbonate Than We Can Use 2D Animation Still
African American man and woman shopping in a store with man holding a pineapple and smiling 2D Animation Still
More Waste than Fish by 2050 2D Animation Still
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