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peretti italy


Peretti Italy is an up and coming Italian fashion brand that we developed and positioned for international success.

The designer, Analisa Perretti, hired our team to design a chic brand image and lead the debut of her first fashion line: a collection of Italian summer dresses. The main challenge here was launching a brand with enough appeal to compete with the most popular high-end fashion brands in the industry, like Luis Vuitton, Prada, Dulce & Gabbana, and so on. This was a major challenge as Peretti Italy was entirely unknown and, therefore, did not have any standing in the fashion industry leading up to launch. But that wouldn’t stop us. We put our brains together and came up with a brand image that emits luxury.


Of the collection of branding and promotional materials we delivered for Peretti Italy, the most valuable were:

  • A fully developed brand guideline (left)
  • A thorough and thoughtful TOV document informing all aspects of brand communication
  • Branded packaging with playful inserts for community development
  • Branded business cards
  • Original Photography (for social media)
  • Original Videography (for social media)
  • A detailed marketing strategy (with comprehensive industry and competitive analyses)


All of these services played an essential role in our overall launch strategy. With each successive piece of content in place, we were able to steadily build momentum and scale Annalisa Peretti’s social media following while positioning her audience to become first-time buyers at launch.

why branding is the most important step in web design


The evolution of the Peretti Italy brand was one of the more exciting developments.


We presented many options to the client, showing various applications of the brand in action to provide a realistic real-world point of view. After narrowing down our top 3 logos, we applied the favorited logos to multiple frontiers from storefront mockups to packaging, stationery, and more.


Our all-inclusive approach presents all of the necessary information for the client to make the best decision for their business. Furthermore, this level of detail provides rare insights into the evolution of the brand following launch.


No matter the project, we approach everything with one mindset: this brand is going to make it big! Because of this, we plan the brand’s growth years down the road. This forward-thinking snapshot shows what we expect the brand to achieve.


Check out the document to the right to see the evolution of the Peretti Italy brand and why we landed on the branding presented above.



We handled every aspect of Annalisa Peretti’s social media accounts in the months leading up to launch.


In an effort to position Annalisa Peretti, the chief designer of Peretti Italy fashion, as a thought leader in her industry, we created a diverse menu of media showcasing her luxurious lifestyle.


The media we created is all set in Los Angeles and aims to connect the designer’s personality with her profession: fashion. We photographed Annalisa Peretti wearing beautiful outfits from other top designers and walked the city with her to get these amazing shots.


Overall, this was used to tease the launch of her fashion line and begin conditioning her audience to receive ads and interact with intake forms for use in further marketing efforts.


We managed thousands of engagements, interacting with social media users around the world. It was our mission to elevate Annalisa’s audience’s perception of her and win over their trust before marketing her fashion line. To this end, we accomplished our mission.


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