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393 NYC, now known as LUME Studios — a pop-up event space located on one of New York City’s most dynamic streets — recently hosted an event for advanced contemporary woman’s fashion brand PH5. PH5 was looking for a creative agency that could capture the energy of their latest fashion show, how they transform LUME’s space, and how their audience experiences their art. They asked for one video that would tie all of this together. What we created was the first piece of story-driven media that is going to elevate PH5 as one of the most adventurous and outgoing fashion brands in New York City.

Two dressed females with long hair. One is painting white roses red and the other is holding a painting palette.
Multiple females at a fashion show. One wearing a blue see through dress with long blond hair partially covering face posing for camera.
Person painting a white rose red.
Multiple white roses on display.
Female with crimp braided hair getting a haircut from a tattooed hairdresser with comb and scissors.
Female with long crimped blond hair posing for camera with pale lips.
Woman facing away from camera applying makeup.
Image of multiple styles of paintbrushes of different shapes and colors.
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