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White Stiffy Strips logo with graphic of rearing Stallion

Stiffy Strips

Our neighbors at Helium Creative commissioned an advertisement campaign for this clever new invention: Stiffy Strips.


Stiffy Strips combine the breath-freshening potency of Listerine Strips and the libido-boosting empowerment of that infamous little blue pill into one mighty minty sheet of sexual virility. The infusion of ancient Chinese herbs imbues each little strip with up to twelve hours of sexual healing.


We wanted to create an ad that would cater to audiences of all ages who may encounter a situation like this. We played with childhood nursery rhymes that our targeted demo grew up with. We knew our audience was familiar with the Jack & Jill fairytale and the roses are red, violets are blue verse, so we combined the two into an original Stiffy Strips poetic scenario. This works really well regardless if the viewer is watching a single ad or all four in sequence. When watched sequentially, the message, benefit, and appeal of Stiffy Strips becomes more abundant. That was the secret to this video marketing series.

Hill Stiffy Strips Young man and woman under a red and white blanket with man showing woman something on his phone and woman reacting negatively to it
Poop Man posing for the camera in a gray suit carrying a box of Whitman's chocolates and flowers
Poop Man in a gray suit carrying a box of Whitman's Chocolates and flowers walking past a bathroom with a woman sitting on the toilet waving and smiling
Whiskey Stiffy Woman with long brown hair wearing a black bra and panties smiling and pointing at the camera
Whiskey Stiffy Strips Closeup of young man laying down looking up with a woman straddling him
Jack and Jack Stiffy Man posing for camera carrying a bag and holding a picture in a frame looking off camera
Jack and Jack Stiffy Man holding a picture of two men with a blurred background of a man working in the kitchen
Jack and Jack Stiffy Man wearing gray and white apron working in the kitchen talking to another man in the foreground
Hill Stiffy Man and woman holding Coke bottles looking at each other smiling at a picnic with a picnic basket in the background
Stiffy strips Two male film crew on a bed adjusting video equipment

Behind The Scenes

We live behind the scenes. So, we always [try] to make a point of sharing our time in the background. All too often viewers forget that movie magic occurs outside the screen. This is also a wonderful way to connect with our colleagues. In the end, you never know what shenangigans or maguever tactics will go into capturing that perfect shot.


This is our video production team behind the scenes on the set of Stiffy Strips.

Stiffy strips Black and white image of a man looking off screen being filmed
Stiffy strips Man and woman in a romantic embrace being filmed by video and audio crew
Stiffy strips Woman with long brown hair against a green screen being filmed
Stiffy strips Man against a green backdrop being filmed

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