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The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has solidified its status as an iconic symbol in today’s world. Undoubtedly, it reigns as the most sought-after smartwatch, dominating the market effortlessly. When you spot someone wearing an Apple Watch on the street, its distinctive design immediately reveals its identity.

Given Apple’s well-established brand, it is crucial to uphold the existing aesthetic. When crafting marketing material for this highly-recognizable product, our priority was to showcase its true essence and let its remarkable qualities shine through.

While the video may exude simplicity and elegance, this promotion was meticulously crafted using advanced 3D rendering technology. Every aspect of the video provides an up-close and intimate encounter with the Apple Watch, allowing you to explore its magnificent features in all their glory.

The Apple Watch with green band on display with red number 10 on screen 3D Promo Scene
Apple Watch with green band on display 3D Promo Scene
Apple Watch with green band on display 3D Promo Scene
Closeup of Apple Watch with green band on display 3D Promo Scene
Apple Watch with black numbers on light blue background with green band on display 3D promo scene
Side profile of Apple Watch with green numbers on yellow background on screen on display with green band 3D promo scene
Closeup of Apple Watch on display 3D Promo Scene
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To bring this video to life, we utilized Cinema 4D to create a detailed 3D model of the Apple Watch, encompassing every aspect, from the body to the straps, without the need to capture any photography or stills. We then animated the screens in Adobe After Effects to replicate the real-life experience of using different apps on the watch.

From there we focused on setting the right virtual lighting to ensure a captivating scene for each shot in the video. We animated each shot individually, resulting in a seamless final product that truly captures the essence of the Apple Watch. Leveraging our expertise and the powerful editing capabilities of Davinci Resolve, we applied our unique video editing techniques to deliver a polished final edit that reflects C&I Studios’ distinct touch.

We were able to take some captivating still images directly from the final render video footage. As a result, Apple not only obtained a remarkable new video but also a collection of versatile visuals that can be seamlessly integrated into diverse marketing campaigns.

This promotional video was a delightful endeavor that utilized the existing equipment and resources of our in-house team, exemplifying our commitment to efficiency and resourcefulness.

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