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The Kennedy Center

The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is located on the banks of the Potomac River near the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. and was opened to the public in September 1971.


Its roots date back to 1958 when President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed bipartisan legislation creating a National Cultural Center. To this day, The Kennedy Center stands as a beacon of artistic excellence, perpetuating love for arts and culture in America. That is what our video series for the Kennedy Center represents: an unfathomable love for the arts and artists around the world.


In our video series, Arts Across America and Turnaround Arts, we showcase the humble beginnings of art while accompanied by some of the most profound artists of our time, such as famed concert musician Yo-Yo Ma and violin duo Black Violin.


This is where art is born.

Young adult posing with a man holding a trumpet with a student band behind them
Group of for women and three men posing for the camera
Two men and two women discussing something
Yo-Yo Ma posing with a student band with many holding violins
Group photo of man with student band surrounding him
Man addresses a class of children in a classroom
Group of children with adults celebrating in a classroom

Arts Across America with Yo-Yo Ma

We house all of the work we produce for our clients. This means that at any time we can repackage the final product to infuse new emotion or appeal to a different audience. With the Arts Across America series, we provided two additional edits to The Kennedy Center, all of which paint a new picture of arts in America, the individuals helping to extend arts to our youth, and the children who benefit from this amazing outreach.


We worked with Yo Yo Ma on the Arts Across America series and with Black Violin for the Kennedy Center Turnaround Arts Program. We shot a lot of footage on each occasion, so we were able to piece together additional material for The Kennedy Center.

Turnaround Arts with Black Violin

Turnaround Arts at The Kennedy Center began in 2011 with Obama’s President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities.


This program truly elevates the arts by instilling a deeper appreciation of its value in our youth. This whole-school adventure in the arts helps move the needle of education by teaching children how to express themselves and how to appreciate the perceptions of different individuals and their cultures.


A part of their outreach is introducing young and ambitious students to their idols. Black Violin joined The Kennedy Center at Walker Elementary to share in the value of art. We captured the event, filming video and shooting photography for The Kennedy Center to promote on their website.


If you’d like to see more we created with Black Violin, check out the “One Step” music video we conceptualized and produced to promote their latest album Take The Stairs.

African American man playing a violin
African American man speaking in a microphone holding a violin
Two men playing violins on a stage in front of an audience of children behind them
Two men playing violins on a stage in front of an audience of children behind them
African American man speaking in a microphone with a group of children behind him
African American man wearing a black cap playing a violin with an audience of children behind him
Group of African American girls sitting on a stage
Young woman performing on a stage in white dress with another young woman in a black and gray outfit
Young woman performing on a stage in white dress
Young woman performing on a stage in white dress
Boy wearing a turquoise colored shirt and black and turquoise vest addressing a crowd
Young woman performing on a stage

The Kennedy Center Gala

When The Kennedy Center decided to create a video introduction honoring the recipients of their 2019 Award for the Human Spirit, they knew we’d be perfect for the task.


We were asked to write and produce a 6-minute video introduction honoring Chicago based philanthropists Patrick G. and Shirley W. Ryan, and Academy Award-winning actor and producer Forest Whitaker. Pat and Shirley Ryan were honored with this year’s Distinguished Philanthropist Award for their charitable contributions to the arts, education, healthcare and beyond.


Forest Whitaker was honored with the Kennedy Center Citizen Artist Award for his involvement with The Kennedy Center Turnaround Arts Program and the Whitaker Peace & Development Initiative. Our video introduction reflects on the life and legacy of these amazing individuals by showcasing their involvement in the arts and how their selfless deeds have inspired citizens at large to connect through artistic expression. Contact us to discuss your marketing needs and learn how we can craft ultra-specific content for your brand.

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