Eco-friendly universal clothing and underwear brand designed to fit real people comfortably. There is no one body type. No one comfort zone. There is just you. That is the TomboyX agenda: giving you what you need to be yourself.

Be who you were born to be. No apologies. That is our credence. We do not abide by labels because we do not live by labels. We act out. We're loud. We're spontaneous. We see people for who they are... and that is whoever the F*&% they want to be.

1. An energetic, sometimes boisterous girl. 2. A girl who dresses and sometimes behaves the way boys are expected to. 3. A girl or a woman who DGAF about definitions 1 and 2. 4. A woman who is utterly, completely, and unapologetically herself, who is not afraid to stand up, stand out, be heard, be seen. On her terms. 5. A woman or a person who expresses and dresses in a way that feels authentic to her without worrying about what other people might say. 6. Is damn ok with who they are. 7. Not a phase. 8. You? 9. Me.

The Purpose

To break away.

TomboyX came to us to film their latest branding video. Together, we wanted to create a disruptive force that dissolves the labels currently dominating fashion and gender. Our company culture embodies similar values of unapologetic individualization that TomboyX prizes above all else. To rebel against the status quo, it’s best to do so in the right company, after all.

To market a rebellious brand like TomboyX we had to disrupt the consumers’ expectations of fashion in advertising.

The marketing industry is a landscape of labels. What drives and converts audiences into repeated consumers is largely decided by character traits in social status, race, class, age, political opinion, religion. The list of labels goes on, and on, and on. We had to categorize these labels to identify and appeal to our target audience, yes. However, we had to do so in a way that upholds TomboyX’s core values of freedom and individualism. The purpose of this video is the destruction of social and industry labels that limit individuals. This is us [all of us; the you’s of TomboyX] shouting loudly, passionately, and genuinely.

This is an anthem, not an advertisement.

The Challenge

Targeting an audience means labeling an audience. To identify consumers and deliver on something that was completely unique and genuine to the TomboyX culture we had to rely on typography, graphic design, movement, and poetry.

The TomboyX brand uses a chaotic series of patterns, colors, imagery and bold language to represent the various voices of their community. Their message is sharp and immutable. It is many voices melded into one. Because of that, it was important to consolidate all the different identities within the TomboyX community - power, freedom, love, and individuality - as if they were a unified voice.

The Solution

We used the X in TomboyX as an added source of visual and spoken communication, as well as an outlier for movement, structure and a spot to focus the eye during quick camera transitions. Rhetorically, the X represents the dichotomy of society and culture: acceptance and denial. Structural, the X is a statement: a stamp of rebellion and unity.

We used X as a means of cancellation. By eliminating judgemental labels at the beginning of the video we show our audience that they can be accepting of others by being bold in the face of false stereotypes. Next, we used X as a means of empowerment. We found it essential that the TomboyX brand has a strong, inspirational voice to propel the power of the individual. Showing that we are strong in the face of oppression established greater trust between the brand and the consumer. This trust equipped inspirational language with added sincerity.

“X is your mark; your identity.” 

The X is the focus on the screen and allows us to say multiple messages at the same time without diluting or distracting from the others. This adds depth to the brand. We tucked a personal testimonial into the upright crevice of the X to spotlight the positivity of the TomboyX agenda: be yourself. When reading the testimonial, consumers can apply it to the changing portraits above, and (possibly) to themselves. That connection is what converts audiences into loyal consumers.